Cellular Detoxification

The Cellular Detoxification Program was created for those with moderate health challenges who want a simple, step by step program to guide them back to the experience of radiant health. 

This program is for you if you want to:


~ experience enhanced mental clarity

~ enjoy sustained, higher energy

~ improve digestive health

~ clear up cellular inflammation

~ balance hormones

~ sleep better

~ detox heavy metals, glyphosate, pesticides, mold & other toxins

~ reset weight loss resistance

Program Includes:


1.  Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test to determine toxic 


2.  Meta-Oxy Test to determine cellular inflammation 

    levels (urine)

3.  Neurotoxic Assessment Questionnaire(s)


Reboot Supplements:

1.  Prep Phase Kit

2.  Body Phase Kit (s)

3.  Brain Phase Kit (s)

4.  Cytodetox Cellular Zeolite

5.  Aqueous Gut Health Balancer

"“I am deeply grateful to Dr. Sam!  I had been dealing with chronic stress & sheer exhaustion but after taking a few simple tests, Dr. Sam suggested that I do her 90-Day Health Reboot Program and the results have been miraculous!  I feel better than I have in years!               K.M.                                           


Detailed Health Plan including:


~ Ketogenic Style Nutrition Plan with 

   guidelines & recipe options.

~ Detox Plan to clear out heavy metals, glyphosate,

   pesticides or mold.

~ Monthly re-testing to track your progress.

~ Personal, monthly health consultations with Dr. 

   Sam to assess progress and fine-tune/customize plan 

   according to your needs. 


"I came in to see Dr. Sam with a list of issues: low energy, sleep problems, constant brain fog, joint pain and some pretty severe digestive problems.  By the time I got into Phase 2, I was amazed!  I had no digestive issues at all!  I also slept through the night, had better energy & mental sharpness and my joint pain was 80% better."                                        P.D.

Radiant Health is your birthright.

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