Healthy Brain Detox Program

"When I ask my patients and friends what, if any, concerns they have about aging, I'm surprised by how many say they want to avoid Alzheimer's or any kind of cognitive decline.  When I ask why that's top of mind, many point to their family members, friends...



The Healthy Brain Program is designed for those who want to:

 ~ reduce brain fog

 ~ detox heavy metals & other toxins

 ~ improve memory

 ~ sleep better

 ~ balance hormones

 ~ lose stubborn weight 

 ~ have sustained, higher energy

 ~ clear up chronic skin issues

Program Includes:

~ Tests:

  1.  Meta-Oxy Test for cellular inflammation (urine)

  2.  Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test to determine toxic 


  3.  Nuerotoxic Questionnaire(s)


~ Supplements:

  1.  Prep Phase Kit (s)

  2.  Body Phase Kit (s)

  3.  Brain Phase Kit (s)

  4.  Cytodetox Cellular Zeolite


~ Detailed Custom Health Plan including:

  1.  Ketogenic Nutrition Plan with Guidelines & Recipe


  2.  Access to condition-specific strategies and 

       research that will inform your success.

  3.  Personal, monthly health consultations with Dr. 

       Sam (30 minutes each) during which she will assess 

       progress and fine tune your plan to fit your needs. 


Our Healthy Brain Detox Program is one of the only detoxes that strengthens the detox organs before it starts to pull toxins from the gut, liver, and brain. Since the pituitary and hypothalamus do not have a blood brain barrier, they are prone to absorbing heavy metals more than any other organ in the body. This incredibly important part of your brain controls sleep, appetite, and your entire hormonal system.

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