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Dr. Sam is a chiropractor, health coach and natural health care advocate who believes that Radiant Health is our birthright; that disease is often optional. Radiant health means Ideal Weight, Peak Brain Function, Great Cellular Health, Sustained Energy and the ability to Move with Ease and Fluidity.   

She specializes in creating custom plans that allow people to feel amazing in their bodies, and to lean into the aging process with the confidence that comes from doing the best you can for the body you inhabit.


Dr. Sam began her career as a Chiropractor and then added healthy weight loss protocols and nutrition. As her patients began presenting with more and more chronic health concerns, she started offering safe, systemic cellular detoxification programs that addressed the modern issues of Weight Loss Resistance, Brain Fog & Memory Issues, Chronic Stress & Exhaustion, Insomnia, Digestive Problems, Chronic Pain, Hormone Issues, Anxiety and Depression with exceptional results.


Endless research and clinical experience has taught Dr. Sam that cellular inflammation fueled by toxins often is the cause of modern chronic conditions.  While conventional methods ask "What is the name of this disease?", Dr. Sam asks, "Why is this disease process happening? What root cause is responsible and how do we reverse it in a way that is kind to the body and encourages healthy longevity?"

Dr. Sam has co-hosted two natural health care radio shows, and is a frequent public & corporate speaker on a myriad of topics.

Radiant Health is your birthright.

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