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As a veteran Chiropractor and Health Coach, my job is to create custom plans that combine cellular detoxification and supplementation with the use of food as medicine to slash the chronic inflammation that fuels dis-ease. My focus is on chronic degenerative problems including brain fog & memory loss, gut issues, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight loss resistance, reduced range of motion, chronic pain and deep-seated stress.

There is an intimate relationship between environmental degradation and chronic disease; as toxins continue to burden the environment, they also burden our bodies, bio-accumulating on our cells and causing epigenetic changes that encourage disease. The journey to true health doesn’t start with another drug or weight loss product or nutrient depleted, toxin filled food-like substance. The journey towards true health in all realms - physical, mental, emotional - starts with lifestyle. And, of course, the journey begins within - with the decision to optimize your energy and your health.

My mission is to guide you through processes that maximize health in all realms.  body (chemistry,  neurology), mind (personal development), spirit (awakening).  Although I am simply a forever-student in personal and spiritual development, I offer you clinical experience and expertise in physical health.

Over 24 years, I have coached hundreds through ketogenic weight loss programs and therapeutic nutritional food prorgams and  supplement plans, practiced more chiropractic/direct body technologies than I can list, offered cold laser & light therapy, studied Dr. William Kelley's natural cancer remission system and practiced neurofeedback (brain wave training) and taught meditation and movement. 

What I offer you now are the most universally effective treatments and technologies I have found and developed in 24 years of helping clients heal and move the needle towards their maximum healthy potential.  

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