Weight Loss Resistance Program 

Weight Loss Resistance Explained:


When people who need to lose weight can't seem to lose it, no matter what they do, we say they have Weight Loss Resistance.  There are several possible causes for this, but by far the most common is that they have cellular inflammation, meaning the receptors on their cells simply can't do their job because they're blocked with toxins.  This is surprisingly common.


In the U.S., we all know we're bombarded with toxins in the food we eat that's sourced from crops that are genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that are known carcinogens and neurotoxins, from chemical food additives, from water and food sources that carry heavy metals, from skin care products.  The list is long. When toxins bio-accumulate, meaning they accumulate at a faster rate than our body can get rid of them, inflammation is seen in the most fundamental building blocks of every system in the body: the cell. 


That toxic build up is the root cause of many health problems including stubborn excess weight.  It causes brain fog, chronic exhaustion, digestion issues, inability to adapt to stress, hormone, sleep and anxiety problems, autoimmune disorders and chronic pain, to name a few.  If you're experiencing some of these problems, chances are you have cellular inflammation.  When you clean up your cells, weight loss becomes easier and every system in your body works better.

To see if toxicity/chronic cellular inflammation is the root cause of your problem, schedule a Detoxification Testing appointment with Dr. Sam today.


Our 90-day Weight Loss Resistance Coaching Program is designed for those who want to learn how to achieve their ideal weight in a way that is sustainable and promotes radiant health in all systems of the body.

Program Details: 

This program is for you if you want:


~ to lose stubborn excess weight

~ enjoy sustained, high energy

~ clear up digestive problems

~ sleep better

~ detox heavy metals

~ improve & stabilize mood

~ enhance mental clarity



~ Tests:

  1.  Meta-Oxy Test for cellular inflammation (urine)

  2.  Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test to determine toxic 


  3.  Nuerotoxic Questionnaire(s)

  4.  Ketosis Testing (month 2 and 3)


~ Supplements:

  1.  30-Day Prep Phase Kit

  2.  30-Day Body Phase Kit

  3.  30-Day Brain Phase Kit

  4.  2 Bottles Cytodetox Cellular Zeolite

  5.  3-Month Supply aqueous Gut Health Balancer


~ Detailed Custom Health Plan including:

  1.  Ketogenic Nutrition Plan with Guidelines & Recipe


  2.  Learning which fasting strategies work best 

       for you

  3.  Access to condition-specific strategies and 

       research that will help you succeed.


~ Three personal, monthly health consultations with Dr. 

   Sam (30 minutes each) during which she will assess 

   progress and customize your plan 

   according to your needs.


~ Voxer privileges to Dr. Sam during your coaching 

   period.  Download the (free) Voxer app and "Vox" Dr. 

   Sam your questions.  They will be answered within 24 


Program Includes: 

Radiant Health is your birthright.

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