Ideal Protein Weight Loss

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a four-phase, medically supervised, carbohydrate restricted, protein-based protocol in which participants lose 3-7 lbs. of fat per week while maintaining lean muscle mass.  It has been scientifically proven through 7 million dieters over twenty years to reverse Metabolic Syndrome, aka “Syndrome X”, which consists of any two of these four diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Obesity. Ideal Protein’s foundation involves 70+ gourmet foods along with daily whole foods, primarily vegetables and lean proteins (Grocery List).  Phases 1 and 2 teach dieters how to predictably lose weight (specifically fat), while Phases 3 and 4 teach dieters how to keep it off with a diet built on whole foods. Ideal Protein is the healthiest, fastest, most enduring program available for those wanting to regain and maintain radiant health and sustained energy.

"I'm losing weight and inches.  I feel awesome and have a great coach.  What's not to like?"    A.D.


"Dr. Sam's an excellent mentor.  I look forward to my appointments with her and I'm learning alot."                                                          C.A.

"I've seen Dr. Sam for Ideal Protein and she is just fabulous! She is a good coach, but also gentle at the same time. She explains the theory of the program really well. She is always super positive and i look forward to seeing her!"   A.C.

"I've been seeing Dr. Sam for Ideal Protein for over a year. I began with her in April of 2017 after my mom passed away and I realized that I didn't want any of my family to see me because I had put on so much weight. I felt hopeless and just plain gross. Fast forward to a little over a year later and I've lost about 100 lbs! I feel great and I have so much energy. Dr. Sam has been delightful and so helpful through the entire process and has kept me on the right path. She doesn't judge and she's my biggest champion. I look forward to seeing her every week. She's always accessible and is there to answer any of my questions. If you're not sure if this program will work for you, trust me when I say that it will and you will be amazed at how easy it is and how quickly the weight comes off!

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